Bộ Bàn Phím Cơ Và Chuột Gaming AJAZZ A3008


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Thương hiệu Joy Collection
SKU 2067428423376


Shaft brand: other

Keyboard standard: 104 keys

Transmission method: wireless

Shaft type: Black shaft

Resolution: 1200dpi

Colour: Black

Backlight effect: monochrome backlight

Brand: Other

Type: ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomics: Yes

The mechanical shaft body is equipped with a new 2.4G wireless solution, and the game office is correct, everything is in control!

Efficient office professional e-sports

Home audio and video, projection operation

Smart TV Smart TV

Easy to work, travel and use

Laptop Notebook

Professional e-sports design

Desktop PC

Whether your device is a desktop, a notebook or even a server,
Mac or Windows can be compatible, so you can enjoy the convenience of wireless

Free match, strong compatibility

Set up usage scenarios

scenes to be used

The A3008 keyboard has a narrow-edge design with an edge of less than 2mm from the mechanical shaft. When you hit the keyboard, you will only see the aluminum alloy.
Bright high-cut trim of the panel

With ≤2mm narrow frame design

High-gloss aluminum alloy metal texture highlights delicate quality

Aluminum alloy panel cross high gloss printing

5 backlight cycle sequences:
Bright – horizontal lighting – oblique streamer – progressive horse racing – single button light – off
(The default factory mode is always on)

Simple white light with a variety of modes

Elegant but not monotonous

Every switch is tested repeatedly, just to make you feel satisfied with the picky feel!
Typing the keyboard seems to be a happy enjoyment.
4 color mechanical axes to meet your different hand needs

Mechanical shaft body

Charging time 4 hours

Sleep standby status for more than 180 days

Backlight status for more than 8 hours

Energy saving state life 7 days or more

Built-in 2000mA large lithium battery with powerful battery life and wired connection
Freely switch the wired state and operate while charging
Mouse 500mA, backlight switch adjustment, let life is no longer a problem

Enough energy, enjoy wireless

The A3008 features a built-in lithium battery design that accommodates Micro USB cables for easy and concise
At the same time, you can share the data line of the Android phone, which greatly improves the convenience of operation.

Built-in lithium battery, separate wire body design is simple and convenient

With quiet micro-motion design, let you enjoy comfort and quiet

Comfortable office

Micro USB receiver plug and play without any drivers
Lightweight and portable design, let you almost forget its existence

2.4G wireless transmission effective distance up to 10, office travel, game competition
Carry it with you and provide more possibilities for life

10 meters away from then is not a problem

800-1200-1600DPI third gear switching, wireless mouse also speed

The use of ABS eco-friendly materials provides a comfortable touch. The overall shape of the mouse is full,
Fits hands to reduce hand fatigue

Comfortable feel

Cool atmosphere lights with your heart

Metal CNC batch flower, strong sense of passage, Teflon foot pad buck, mouse retractable

Silent to fine metal roller